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Why Write Down Your Love Story?

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Why Write Down Your Love Story?

About 5 years ago, my husband Richard wrote down our love story, and it changed my life.

It is one thing for someone to say “I love you,” and quite another to go into the details of how he came to love you.

With the benefit of my husband’s remarkable memory and professional writing skills, I was able to relive moments from our journey together that I had already forgotten. Seeing it all in print gave me a sense of comfort and security. It gave me a sense of being rooted, grounded, and “established in love.” (Ephesians 3:17)

The act of writing our story touched on all 5 love languages:

  • Words of affirmation as he wrote what he thought of me when we first met
  • Acts of service as he took the lead and dedicated hours to writing a comprehensive document
  • Quality time AND physical touch as we sat together at the dining table, pouring over the words on his laptop screen
  • It was the greatest gift I’ve ever received

Almost as soon as we had printed our story, I knew I wanted other couples to experience this gift too. I dedicated the next 5 years of my life to learning everything I could about writing, design, and printing so that every couple’s story could come alive on paper and be preserved for the ages.

As humans, our stories, the narratives by which we explain the purpose of our life events, are core to our sense of identity and belonging. It is well worth it to invest time and effort into crafting and sharing these stories, not just for our own benefit, but as the most beautiful and meaningful inheritance we could pass on to future generations.


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