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Virtual Wedding Reception Ideas for a Memorable Remote Gathering


Virtual Wedding Reception Ideas for a Memorable Remote Gathering

Are your friends and family scattered all over the country? Did you elope or have a small wedding, but still want to connect with more of your friends and family? Whether you are holding a remote wedding reception for this or any other reason, we’ve got you covered with great ideas to keep the event fun and meaningful–and nothing like a work teleconference.

What to Prepare Before the Event: 

  • Vintage Wedding Photos: Select a few guest couples (especially your parents) to share a few of their own wedding details (1 wedding photo, 1 recent photo, wedding date and location) for the “Guess the Couple Game.”
  • Love Story Slideshow: Put together a slideshow with photos of key events from your love story (first meeting, first date, proposal, etc.) and pictures of either you or your partner on travel, working on hobbies, or other fun stuff for the “Bride or Groom” game.
  • Event Support Team: Choose a lively and energetic emcee for the event and a tech manager who can present the slide show, post game links in the chat, etc.
  • Wedding in a Box: To make the event feel even more special, send over a gift box prior to the event that includes your wedding program, a few meaningful gifts that help to share your story and show your guests how much they mean to you, and a label with a QR code and the time and date for them to join the virtual wedding reception event.
  • Drawing Contest Tools: Let guests know to bring a blank piece of paper and a Sharpie to the event, or include it in the “Wedding in a Box” you send over prior to the event.

I recommend scheduling the meeting for 1.5 hours. Although most of the activities will be complete in the first 50 minutes, the extra time at the end will allow your virtual guests to linger and chat afterwards. These fun activities will give them plenty to continue talking about!


Wedding in a Box


Send your guests a beautiful and meaningful “wedding in a box” to help build up the anticipation and fun!

Fun Virtual Wedding Reception Activities

1. Couple Introduction + Love Story Slideshow (5 minutes)

Kick off the virtual wedding reception by introducing yourselves and sharing how you met and fell in love. Bonus points for showing an engaging slideshow of key moments in your relationship. You could lead this yourselves or have an emcee lead it.

2. Bride or Groom Game (10 minutes) 

Guests get points for guessing correctly whether the fun fact shared is about the bride or the groom. Be sure every fact gets a reveal slide with a fun photo. Below are a few examples of good facts and reveal photos for the game.

  1. I’ve been to Iceland. (Pic of bride in front of a gorgeous Icelandic waterfall)
  2. I’ve been on TV in China. (Pic of groom on Chinese television)
  3. I hate cucumbers. (Groom making a funny face at a cucumber, with bride smiling and giving a thumbs up)
  4. I play the trombone. (Pic of bride playing her instrument)

3. Guess the Couple Game (10 minutes)

Use the wedding details you collected from a few guest couples prior to the event, and allow guests to match the wedding photo to the recent photo of the couple for points.

4. Scavenger Hunt (5 minutes)

Have guests bring items from around their home to their video feed to meet the following requirements:

  1. Bring something that starts with the first initial of the bride’s name (5 points for the first back)
  2. Bring something that starts with the first initial of the groom’s name (5 points for first back)
  3. What’s the #1 most necessary thing the happy couple will need for their first year of marriage?  (5 points for the most interesting selection, as judged by the couple)

5. Drawing Contest: Love Story Key Moments (10 minutes) 

Have the 3 top scoring guests from the previous games draw one of the key moments from the couple’s love story with a Sharpie on a paper on their forehead. They should draw the love story while facing the webcam so that everyone can see. Since they are holding the paper on their forehead, they can only see what they are drawing on their computer screen–making this task very tough and entertaining! Give 5 points to the winner selected by the couple or the emcee. 

6. Q&A for the Couple (10 minutes) 

At this point in the program, the icebreaker activities have put everyone in a chatty mood and they will want to know more about your future plans, such as where you will live, where you are going on your honeymoon, etc. To keep all of the questions organized, you can ask guests to go to your event page on to submit and vote on questions for you. If you have a small group, you can also have them pop questions in the meeting chat.

That concludes our fun and meaningful virtual wedding reception agenda! Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We’d love to help with your wedding programs, Wedding in a Box for your long-distance friends and family, and/or planning and running your virtual wedding reception.

QR code label to join a virtual wedding


This Wedding in a Box QR code label makes it easy for your guests to join the virtual wedding reception.