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Our Favorite Amazon Wedding Buys


Our Favorite Amazon Wedding Buys

Our last minute 2-day shipping wins!

In the lead-up to our wedding, I was neck-deep on a major project at work, and didn’t have much time to focus on purchasing smaller items until I took off of work the week before the wedding–when I commenced a mad dash of purchasing on Amazon!

Bracelets, Belt and Wedding Veil

My bridesmaids and I enjoyed being decked out in these stunning bracelets for $25 each. Six months later, they still shine like new! I also got matching glamorous belts for us for $17 each, but we ended up losing one, so I had to make my own make-shift belt out of my pearl necklace. I highly recommend buying extra of everything just in case! I bought a couple wedding veils–one cathedral and one short, and this short veil ended up being my favorite!

Cake Topper

We got a sweet cake topper to match our wedding theme from our wedding program, “To the Moon and Back” for $16 and a cake cutting set with beautiful carved wooden handles for $9.

Bow Tie for the Groom and Ties for the Groomsmen

We couldn’t find the colors we were going for at Men’s Wearhouse or Jos A. Bank, so we bought a couple different versions on Amazon so that we could see what would look best, and found the shiny ties to be our favorite. My husband’s bow tie was less than $7. It’s great to find deals like these every once in a while when the rest of the wedding is so expensive!

Groomsmen proceed in front of guests holding wedding programs.

Flower Bouquets for Wedding Aisle Chairs

Our flower budget was already maxed out without any decorations for the aisle, so we turned to Amazon to get affordable fake flowers that looked so real and added just the right welcoming touch to the chairs for our guests, along with the wedding program!

Bachelorette Must-Haves

I ordered 3 different white dresses on Amazon for all the pre-wedding events, and this one ended up being the winner! I also ordered cute little “love you to the moon and back” pouches to join the face masks and other treats in our bachelorette party favor bags, in keeping with our wedding theme. At the time I didn’t know about the brand, but if I did, I would have included Zoie lip balms in the goody bags! (These aren’t from Amazon–it’s my friend and neighbor’s company!)

Skin Care Rescue

I don’t know if it was caused by all the stress of wedding planning or just urban living, but in the weeks leading up to the wedding, I had one of the worst breakouts of my life. One of my friends from India introduced me to Lacto Calamine, which cleared up my skin when I applied to problem areas each night for a week.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Amazon will reward me if you use the links above to purchase. Don’t forget to shop at so that you can also benefit the charity of your choice!

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