"I’ve attended my share of weddings in my lifetime, and by far and away this was the most beautifully-designed wedding program I’ve ever seen … brilliant!"
Bert Chiu
"When we come away from a wedding, we cherish our memories. A few candies, a faded flower, and photographs help, but nothing can take the place of the thoughtful program that we held while participating in the ceremony. Even now, as I look at the program, I am able to relive those memorable moments in a unique way."
Lois Harrison
"Your wedding program is such an amazing keepsake of an amazing day. In it you told all your guests your unique, beautiful story: how you met, how he proposed, how you grew together to come to this special day of beginning your life together. We all read it joyfully as we were waiting for you to come down the aisle. The pictures are so beautiful, the layout perfect. What I love most is being able to keep your special story in my hands. What a celebration of your love for each other!"
Karen Harrison
"This is the most beautiful wedding program I had ever seen! It's very well executed, with lots of thought put into it by the bride and groom. It's like a fairy tale story from front page to the last. Excellent!"
Liliana Chiu
“In a time when everything seems to be electronic but staring down at a phone just won't do at a wedding, it was so nice to have a tangible printed program for the ceremony that I can now have as a special keepsake forever. The themes, pictures and quotes were so well chosen and perfectly highlight the couple.”
Shivani Jain